Steffen Weiss


Freelance projectssince 2020 (selection)

Live-commerce suite 

Continuous user research, conception and design of a creator app, retailer dashboard and web player. Facilitation of ideation sessions and development of research, design & product development process. 

In collaboration with Mi Phan
Since February 2021

Retinal health app
Desirability research among patients and Ophthalmologists, design and regular usability testing with patients for an app in combination with a low-budget VR headset in order to provide self-monitoring for elderly people with age-related retinal diseases.

BI X, Boehringer Ingelheim
January 2022 - March 2023

Virtual collaboration guides & Miro trainings

Facilitation of Miro trainings, development and design of guides for virtual collaboration & remote working including a support website.

Since August 2020

Opportunity area research
User & market research among potential business users for the future development of a B2B accounting tool.

Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken
In collaboration with Jonas Voigt

2 months, 2021

Hydration station
Industrial design concepts for a premium, hygenic and sustainable drinking station for retailers. Benchmarking, design research, Sketches, direction and UX concept.

CAD & visual execution by Dominik Flegel & Maximilian Brück

2 months, 2020

Previous projects2017-2019 (as employee; selection)

B2B dashboard
User research, conception, problem definition and solution development process facilitation as well as design of a B2B platform concept.

4 months, 2020

(UX & Service Design Consultant
Deloitte Digital)

Customer experience management tool
User research with hospital doctors and purchasing officers for a customer experience management tool in order to identify pain points and needs to map out a new tool concept by using a holistic service design blueprint.

Karl Storz
3 months, 2019

(UX & Service Design Consultant
Deloitte Digital)

B2B platform
UX conception, user research, design research & usability testing with milk farmers for a B2B platform.

3 months, 2019

(UX & Service Designer
dgroup – part of Accenture Consulting)

B2C loyalty app
Ideation and field research, usability testing and reporting for a B2C loyalty progrman within a banking app.

1 month, 2019

(UX & Service Designer
dgroup – part of Accenture Consulting)

B2B platform
In-situ usability testing with gastronomers for the launch of a B2B drinks delivery platform.

January 2019 - August 2019

(UX & Service Designer
dgroup – part of Accenture Consulting)

Employer branding

User research & co-creative Design Thinking workshops for product-/service-/branding & communications development for consumer goods and health care clients.

BVG, Congstar, Boehringer-Ingelheim, dm, KAO, L‘Oréal, Bayer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson
October 2017 - December 2018

(Experience Designer
Point Blank Research & Consultancy)

Free projects2017-2023 (selection)

lyla health app

In 2019 a couple of friends and I founded a small company to build and operate a health app. Lyla calls APIs to gather weather and UV-data according to a users’s location and combines them with their input of skin type and sun protection factor. Together with our elaborate, self-designed algorithm, the app calculated the individual time-to-burn of the user. Further, one can record sun burns, give feedback in case of a sunburn and consume information around sun protection. Lyla has thousands of downloads and monthly users during the peak summer season and is available for free on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Co-founder & Designer
lyla app (Yuma Health UG)
Since September 2019

The ChAIr Project: Four Classics

The Chair Project is a series of four AI-designed, human-manufactured chairs. The piece reverses the common roles of human and machine in the design process and industrial production, using machine learning as to stimulate to human imagination rather than for automation. Omitting the human body, the technology dreams up entirely new forms of classic seating furniture. The resulting chairs, manufactured by human hands, materialize contradictions of form and automation into an irony of AI solutionism.

In collaboration with Philipp Schmitt. Production by Mikkel Mikkelsen
September 2019