Steffen Weiss


Service Design

My main focus is Service Design which deals mostly with the early stage of a project , idea, problem or when redesigning or improving a product or service.

The Strategic Design process can include jobs such as Design ResearchJourney Mapping and Insight Development.

External user research expertise can be recruited from my network, if needed.

Product Design

My professional background roots in defining and shaping products (digital & physical) as well as the necessary vision alongside it.

The product development process can stretch from Benchmarking , scribbling, sketching and mock-ups to UX  & UI design as well as Prototyping and Usability Testing.

External hi-fi UI expertise can be recruited from my network, if needed.


To develop great products and services, a strong vision and helpful insights are needed. Not only research is necessary to gather and craft those, but also collaborative processes, to identify problems, develop solutions, create mutual understanding of the vision and produce meaningful output.

Workshop facilitation and creative methodology are often part of these processes.

Other services

Besides design services I tinker around with Midjourney for image generation and have educated hundreds of people with the whiteboard tool Miro, for which I can offer Trainings.

If you have particular requirements, let me know and we can find a solution or the right people for you project.
Design Management
If you aim to set up your own team or are not familiar with creative collaboration, innovation or product design processes, I can offer support by consulting you around recruiting & staffing, tools, processes or briefing professionals from creative industries.

Often, other creative disciplines are needed to define a brand, identity, look & feel or marketing assets. Here I can help with experts from my network.

Positioning & ExpertiseI particular enjoy the early stage of problem definition, opportunity area search and ideation during which I like to facilitate collaborative processes, develop rough ideas and test them quickly with simple prototypes. I am happy to accompany internal teams in agile processes to develop and implement designs, yet I see myself more in the areas of conception, UX and product definition/managment than in the disciplines of hi-fi UI/prototyping/visualization or design system development as well as other more graphical work.